Chandni Parikh

About Chandni Parikh, MSN, C-PNP, PMHS

Chandni Parikh, MSN, C-PNP, PMHSI’ve always been interested in science and people. Initially, I was on the medical school track. But, family has also always been very important to me. And, when I thought about ways I could help others nurture happy, healthy families while enjoying a family of my own, becoming a nurse practitioner became appealing to me. I also sincerely appreciate taking a holistic nursing approach to healing and medicine and enjoy helping my clients explore the issues in their lives, such as specific stressors, traumas or life transitions, which could be contributing to symptoms, rather than immediately prescribing medication.

I’m trained as a pediatric nurse practitioner with a certificate in mental health. I’ve been working as a nurse practitioner since 2011 and joined the Center for Collaborative Counseling and Psychiatry in November of 2014. I love working with children, and the most enjoyable part of my job is watching the kids I work with grow up and go from a place of struggle to one in which they are flourishing. I also enjoy working with families, examining all aspects of a child’s life that could be contributing to his/or her difficulties and developing a treatment plan that best supports and addresses each child’s unique personality and specific needs and goals. I understand and appreciate that watching your child struggle and reaching out for help can sometimes feel like a scary process—both for kids and parents—which is why I bring levity and lightness into our meetings. Clients often tell me that I help them feel genuinely cared for, deeply supported and immediately comfortable. It’s important to me to create a collaborative and supportive relationship with the families I work with, and I work hard to give all of my clients my complete attention and focus in our sessions.

I’m in the office two Saturdays a month and provide medication management primarily to kids and teens. Parents are often present for our meetings, which we schedule for a full 30 minutes in order to do a thorough check-in with plenty of time. During these sessions, we can talk through any changes that might impact medication, monitor progress and/or discuss other treatment options as needed. I also work collaboratively with the rest of our team to best support and address our clients’ needs. I sincerely value my colleagues and feel that I continuously learn so much from them.

Outside of the office, I enjoy traveling with my husband. We love exploring different parts of the world and gaining perspective into other cultures. It’s exciting to learn about and from how different people view the world. I’m also an avid reader and participate regularly in a local book club.

If your child, teen or family is struggling, please know that you don’t have to go through a difficult transition, confusion or emotional pain alone. There is always help and hope for meaningful growth, healing and change. Regardless of what is going on in your child’s life, our team of experts can help you feel supported, heard, informed and relieved. We invite you to call 847-214-3651 to schedule an initial appointment and/or for a free phone consultation.

Chandni Parikh has a B.S. and M.S. in nursing from Columbia University, School of Nursing and a B.S. in Human Physiology from Boston University, Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Chandni also became a certified Primary Mental Health Specialist in May 2016. In addition to providing medication management care for children and teens at the Center for Collaborative Counseling and Psychiatry, Chandni works as an advanced nurse practitioner at Streamwood Behavioral Healthcare System where she assesses, educates and treats children with mental health issues on an inpatient and outpatient basis. She also collaborates with psychiatrists, therapists, children and their families and schools to create individual treatment plans that best support her clients and addresses their specific symptoms. Chandni has given numerous national and international presentations on issues related to children and has published her work in scientific journals.

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